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Hip and groin pain

The hip is a ball and socket joint formed between the pelvis and the head of femur. The hip joint allows a large range of motion and is involved in the majority of movements we perform everyday. ​Hip and groin pain is a common complaint and can have a significant impact on normal movement and function.​

At The Physio Base treatment will be tailored to the individual depending on the cause of the symptoms. You can expect to have a thorough assessment looking at your whole body and how it moves and functions. ​At The Physio Base we use our wealth of experience and knowledge to determine the best management to help you recover. ​With our strong knowledge of how the body moves as a whole, you can expect us to be looking at all areas of your body and how they interact.​We aim to keep you moving, keep you doing the things you enjoy and have you moving better than ever before.

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  • Pain in the hip or groin 

  • Pain on the outside of the hip 

  • Reduced range of movement of the hip, feeling stiff

  • Clicking or catching pain in the hip

  • Restriction with activities such as squatting, lunging, stairs

  • Difficulty weight bearing 

  • Muscle spasm or tightness around the hip or buttock

  • Discomfort when walking

Physio Management may include

  • Education 

  • ConnectTherapy Approach - Assessing your whole body

  • Exercise prescription - strengthening, mobility, motor control

  • Postural retraining 

  • Manual therapy or hands on treatment

  • Self management strategies

  • Training optimal muscle activation

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