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A BASE for all things Physio


Mentor Program

Physiotherapist mentor and development program

Physio Services

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy services

Online resources

Online Classes

Sports and movement videos 

Online education

Exercises and rehabilitation resources


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Mentor Program
Build Your Knowledge Base

The Mentor program has been designed for physiotherapists looking to take their learning to the next level. 

Working one on one with an experienced physiotherapist to enhance your knowledge, practical and clinical reasoning skills.

The program is aimed at musculoskeletal physiotherapists both starting out in their career and those with years of experience who are looking for the next step.


Physio Services

Build your Health and fitness Base

We offer physiotherapy services for all musculoskeletal presentations. With a background in ConnectTherapy we specialist in looking at you as a whole. 

Whether it be your back, neck, hip or anywhere giving you trouble, we will listen to your story and asses how you move and function as a whole. We will work with you to determine WHY you are experiencing these symptoms and develop a comprehensive management plan. 

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Online resources

Videos and online resources including: 

  • Sports and movement videos

  • Exercise and rehabilitation resources

  • Online education

  • Exercises classes 

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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General Class 2

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Split squat

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My Story

Over a decade of experience working in physiotherapy, I am passionate about working with clients and physios to help them achieve their goals. 

My approach to Physio has been guided by ongoing professional development, professional experience with clients and my own experience in injury and movement. 

A Background in Connect therapy has helped broaden and guide my approach to physio and learning. 

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