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Low back pain

Low back pain is estimated to affect 70 - 90% of people at some point in the lives. Whilst most low back pain will recover on its own, if symptoms continue it can have a significant impact on everyday function. 

Common conditions we treat

  • Disc injury - bulge, herniation

  • Facet joint injury

  • Muscular injury

  • Nerve impingement

  • Spondylolisthesis

  • Arthritis

  • Canal stenosis

  • Stress fracture


  • Pain across lower back 

  • Ache, catch, tightness across low back

  • Discomfort into buttock and hamstring

  • Reduced range of movement

  • Reduced ability to bend, rotate or lean backwards 

  • Pain with lifting, squatting or performing exercise 

  • Difficulty taking weight on one leg


Less common symptoms

  • Nerve pain into lower limb

  • Pins and needles, numbness or weakness into lower limb or buttock

  • Issues with toileting

Common contributing factors

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Poor exercise technique

  • Stress

  • Overload  sudden increase in activity

  • Hypermobility

  • Reduced flexibility and mobility

  • Reduced strength – abdominals, lower body

Physio management may include

  • Education 

  • ConnectTherapy approach  assessing your whole body

  • Exercise prescription  strengthening, mobility, motor control

  • Postural retraining 

  • Manual therapy or hands on treatment

  • Self management strategies

  • Training optimal muscle activation

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